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Movement Recovery is compassionate idealism in action.

We want to help you BETTER YOURSELF in the BEST WAY we know how:

By treating each individual as a whole person, and not just the collection of their symptoms and body parts.

Recovery has physical, mental, emotional and social components. Connecting with you and seeing your entirety as a person allows us to help you in all these components; letting us focus where you need help the most and enabling us to give you the quality of care you truly deserve.

All of us are unique and different.  That’s why we never treat people the exact same way. This is our unique biopsychosocial approach.  

Simply put, it means knowing people and their unique situations, and letting them lead the way.  It means not making assumptions and thinking that what worked for one will also work for another.

Diagnoses are labels.  They are incomplete stories of the person. One person’s back pain might be a muscle strain, another might be due to a disc injury. Yet another could be from a nerve hypersensitivity.  The next one might be from a serious disease.  Another person with the same symptom could be stressed out and depressed.

We will never let symptoms and labels distract us from your unique story. Because that story is you, and it let’s us know how to get you better in the best way possible.

Movement Recovery is a concept borne out of integrity, compassionate care, honesty and advanced science, with the perfect dose of simplicity and common sense.      

Why movement? Because movement is the only approach that improves function and has long-term effects.  There are a lot of short-term relief options out there but the best physical therapy is the one that you do, not the one that is done on you.

Movement also allows us to progress with the best biopsychosocial approach. Again, recovery has more than one component.  Click here to read a well-explained piece by one of our colleagues.

We are not mere service dispensers.  We are movers.  And we will move you to better living.

Our Mission

To enable individuals to empower themselves through movement, education, and recovery; and to build a community such empowered individuals helping each other towards healthy behaviors, positive lifestyles and happier memories.

OUR promise

Movement Recovery will show absolute professionalism and consistency in upholding these values that set us apart.
Client-centered care

This is a collaboration.  Your hands will be on the wheel, and we will be your GPS navigation system showing you the best routes to choose from. 

Intellectual Honesty

We’ll talk to you about research, about science.  We’ll let you know what we believe in and what we don’t.  We’ll tell you what might work, might not work, what will work for now, and what will work until later.  We’ll also try to explain why.  You are part of the decision-making and planning so we will make sure that you have accurate informed consent. Transparency can be really powerful.


Our promise is to give our best effort for you all the time.  That includes the time outside the clinic that we think about you and how we could have done better, how it could have gone worse, how to avoid worse and increase the chances of better.  We do think about those things.  We think about our words, if they are honest, accurate, positive and empowering.  If not, we think of how we can make them so.  That promise includes going through research, our old notes, and the new guidelines to care for your condition.  Our integrity is in having our hearts and minds preoccupied with how we can do better for you.


We will not take 12 sessions to achieve what can be done in 3.  The sooner we achieve your goals, the better.  Then you can focus on enjoying life, or set new goals and stay with us for performance training and chase even higher goals along the way.


We came into this profession to effect positive change in people’s lives. We are here to help, to see your smiles, and to hear your laughter just as much as we are here to ease your cries and calm your hurt.  But sometimes, all we can do is be here, with you, finding good things to look forward to.  We are here nevertheless, and we are here for you.

Movement Recovery Physiotherapy
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