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Specificity is the key to finding success in exercise training programs. Specific goals will lead you to address specific needs. If you don’t feel closer to success with your program, it’s probably because there’s no specificity to show you what success looks like. The SET Program is a goal oriented training regimen that zeroes in on your needs and your goals to show you a clear path of moving forward.

SET Programs are designed to show you that success itself is within the journey. Building you up by bringing you through stages of development, Sports Enhancement Training enhances your physical abilities while minimizing your risk of injuries, giving you a competitive advantage while enjoying your sports performance.

Here are the phases that comprise the SET Programs:

Get flexible and make your flexibility functional by adding strength and control throughout your full range of motion. Optimum Mobility is the perfect start to any program as it aims to improve on body balance and symmetry before adding load to it. Excellent for people recovering from pain and injuries, beginners in strength training or those who have reached training plateaus because of limited mobility.

Dynamic posture and the ability to maintain that posture despite varying loads and stresses are acquired skills. This phase will teach you control, stability, and muscular endurance across the basic movement patterns. This is the perfect set up to develop strength and prevent injuries.

Strength development is the tie that binds injury prevention, power performance, and speed together. How resilient, durable, powerful, and fast you are all ultimately depend on how much strength you have.

Power is about moving heavy weights fast. This ability to generate force rapidly will make you jump higher and run faster. This phase is about adding more spring to your legs and giving you that explosive first step.

Intensity Conditioning allows you to maintain the quality of your performance by developing fitness levels specific to your needs.

Reaction time, controlled landings, footwork, quick stops and change of direction get reviewed and trained in this phase. The integrated recovery strategies make it perfect for active people who are doing deloads and working on mechanics, as well as athletes in-season who need to stay sharp while avoiding overtraining.

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