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Injury and burnout are common road blocks in sporting development. In fact, the biggest predictor of future injury is a previous injury that has not been completely resolved. This becomes a hindrance not just the ability to realize full athletic potential, but also the chance to have fun and draw enjoyment from sports and games. As parents, we wouldn’t want that for our young athletes, would we?

Young people can receive help both in developing movements and refining them for sports. Development is done at a younger age with a particular emphasis on form and consistency prior to higher level competitions. Refinement gives more emphasis to power, speed, and reactivity to meet the demands of high level competitive sport. The goals of early athletic training are twofold: injury prevention and achieving maximum potential. Movement Recovery wants to help the parents and youth with these so it can be done properly within the holistic context of physical, mental, and social-emotional health. We aim to be an ally to families with these goals in mind as our young athletes grow up at different rates in terms of physical development, skill sets, mental toughness, and emotional well-being. We can do this by partnering to create a healthy training environment with systematic workouts, focus on proper recovery, developing mental and emotional capacities for delayed gratification, and empowered decision-making with help from social support systems.

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